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18th May 2016
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Yamaha Portable

Yamaha Engines Portable 2.5hp – 20hp

Time to Repower Your Boat?  You may not realize that G & G Marina has Yamaha engines in stock for repowering. If you have a tired engine on your fishing boat, bass boat, runabout or pontoon boat, now is the time to repower, so that you will be ready to go for the winter and spring. Remember, outboards can be run all year. The last thing you want is to be without a running engine when you need one. G & G has a great selection of new Yamaha 4 stroke engines to meet your needs. Contact Larry at G & G to discuss your repower or new power Yamaha today. You can reach him at 573-346-2433 or email office@ggmarina.com.

Is it time for a new outboard engine?  At G & G Marina we do not just hand you a new engine and say “Thanks, Have a good day”.  Whether you are purchasing a new 250hp remote control engine or a small 8hp tiller control we take the time to rig and test the engine.  We run the engine through some break in time and have it water ready for you.  At delivery we instruct you on the running of your new engine.   This procedure insures that the engine is running correctly and we have met all the requirements of the engine manufacturer’s warranty.  You can go enjoy your day knowing we value you as our customer.


Our Current Inventory

2012 Yamaha 4hp MSRP $1,605.00
F4SMHA  4-Stroke, 15″ Shaft, Tiller Control, Manual Start, Aluminum Propeller, Integral Fuel Tank Stock# 12264

2019 Yamaha 9.9hp MSRP $2,900.00
F9.9SMHB  4-Stroke, 15″ Shaft, Tiller Control, Manual Start, Aluminum Propeller, Stock# 12550

2014 Yamaha 20hp MSRP $3,580.00
F20LMHA  4-Stroke, 20″ Shaft, Tiller Control, Manual Start, Aluminum Propeller Stock# 12336

2019 Yamaha 20hp MSRP $4,535.00
F20LPHA  4-Stroke, 20″ Shaft, Tiller Control, Electric Start,  Aluminum Propeller  Stock# 12535

If we do not have the engine you are interested in give us a call 573-346-2433 or drop us an email and we would be glad to help you.