22nd August 2015

Ethanol is a Boating Safety Risk

The fundamentally broken and failed federal corn ethanol mandate is creating serious threats to boater safety all while stinging consumers with costly fuel and repair bills. […]
11th February 2014

Boaters fight to keep corn out of gas

Ethanol blended in gasoline eats through rubber gas lines and seals, it damages carburetors, and it fouls plugs and messes with timing. In addition, because it […]
23rd June 2013

Smart Fuelling

Fueling your boat is different that filling up your car. It is common for fuel to splash out of the deck fill, for one thing. Plus, […]
8th June 2013

Benefits of Marine Fuel

G & G Marina sells 89 octane non-ethonal Marine fuel with ValvTect Octane Performance Improver (OPI). Getting the most mileage out of a tank of gasoline […]
16th April 2013

Ethanol Fuel Issues

Dear Customer G & G Marina has recently received several inquires about the state mandate to add 10% Ethanol alcohol to gasoline sold in Missouri. Ethanol […]