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4th December 2011
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Life Jacket Programs 2012

The Water Patrol participates in life jacket promotion and giveaway programs throughout the state. The Water Patrol has teamed up with the Army Corp of Engineers, Camden County Health Department, Skaggs Regional Medical Center, and the Lake of the Ozarks Water Safety Council to give away more than 500 life jackets over the summer. The Water Patrol along with the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary will be taking part in the “Bass Pro Shop Fit to Float” life jacket trade in promotion this weekend. There will be officers from the Water Patrol or the Coast Guard Auxiliary at each Bass Pro Shop location in Missouri to educate the public on the proper fit and use of life jackets on Saturday and Sunday, May 16 & 17. There will also be a discount offered on new life jackets with the trade in of an older life jacket.

The life jacket industry has made great advancements in styles and comfort for recreational boaters. There are self inflating models available for adults that can be worn as light suspenders or even as small fanny pack pouch styles that can be worn around the waist. It is key for boaters to be familiar with their life jackets and ensure they fit properly. The most common error for youth life jackets is allowing children to wear ones that are too big. If a child’s life jacket is too big or not tightened properly it may not support their head above the water line. Many children’s life jackets are available with popular characters to encourage kids to wearing them. Of course, the best way to encourage kids to wear a life jacket is for adults to lead by example and wear life jackets themselves. For more information on life jacket styles and proper fit visit the North American Safe Boating Campaign website

Source: Missouri State Water Patrol