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25th June 2015
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20th August 2015
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A bill signed by
Governor Jay Nixon on Wednesday, June 24 will
make it easier for boaters to save money on fuel.
Gas used for boating purposes is already exempt
from the state fuel tax—which funds
transportation infrastructure. But the process of
claiming that exemption was cumbersome, with
boaters having to submit an annual form spelling
out their exemptions.
Senate Bill 231 aimed to make that process easier, which means more boaters are likely to actually
receive their fuel tax refund. The law moves the onus on motor fuel distributors to claim the
refund, which means they can sell fuel to marinas without including the tax, which is 17¢/gal in
Missouri. The law goes into effect on Aug. 28, 2015.
For marinas that keep record of their customers’ fuel purchases (so those customers can have
an easier time filing for the refund at the end of the year), this will mean less administrative work.
For boaters, this means paying 17¢/gal less at the pump. For a boat with a 50­gallon fuel tank,
that means saving $8.50 for a full fill­up.
Boaters can still file for a refund for fuel they purchase at gas stations (other than marinas) to use in their boat.

source (lake expo) 5/27/15