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7th March 2014
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28th March 2014
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Storm Safety

After our first spring storm on the Lake we thought it was time to make sure everyone is aware of safe boating procedures during storms.

Before heading out check the local weather report so you are aware.  Do not go out if storms are threatening.  However we all know that storms can and do blow up quickly.

You should always have a weather radio and the proper life jackets for everyone on board.    Make sure your jackets are easy to access if needed.  Besides watching for other boaters you should also stay aware of the sky.  The Lake of the Ozarks is surrounded by hills so a good tip is watch the tree tops on the hills if the wind begins to blow you will see it there first sometimes before you ever see the storm approach.  If you see weather approaching get everyone on board, no one should be in or on the water during a lightening storm.  Head for the shore and keep your boat headed into the wind.  If you can not get back to port, head for the nearest dock.  Stay low in the boat and do not touch any metal.  Do not panic.

Have a safe fun summer on the water.