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27th June 2015
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20th August 2015
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Time to Winterize

The summer has come and gone and now it is time to think about scheduling the winterization of your boat.  Call our service department and get your boat on our list for winterization or annual service, then kick back and enjoy a beautiful fall.


WINTERIZATION – Our winterizing procedure is a full service program, which includes the following where applicable:  Change fuel filter; change engine oil and filter; change lower unit lube and grease all fittings; service lube monitor bottle; clean flame arrestor; check all accessories, i.e. radio, bilge blower, bilge pump, nav lights, tilt/trim, gauges, etc.; stabilize fuel; fog engine; drain block, manifolds, etc; add antifreeze; disconnect/shut off battery; winterize Genset, A/C, water system and potty.

Our winterizing program is designed to save you money by combining your basic maintenance and winterization into one process. We are often questioned about changing oil and filter or lower unit oils when a boat has been run but very few hours. Most every owner’s manual states an oil and filter change at “X” number of hours OR ONCE A YEAR!

Lower unit oils deteriorate with time and the heat generated from gear loads. Being sure there is no water in the gear housings is extremely important. Water is not an acceptable lubricant and if found in the gear lube, minor seal replacements could save major failures and costly repairs.


Call us at 573-346-2433 to schedule your winterization or email our service department.  We can not be responsible for damage if your boat is not scheduled for winterization before October 15th.  We need two weeks advance notice of the winterize date.  Don’t forget to take care of your boat.


ANNUAL SERVICE – To keep your boat engine in top working condition it requires maintenance.  If you are not part of our winterization or annual service program, please give Steve a call at 573-346-2433.


WINTER HOURS – Our winter hours will begin Sunday, October 11th, for the Showroom and Dock.  The Service and Parts departments will begin winter hours Sunday Oct 4th.  We will be closed Sunday and Monday, and open Tuesday through Saturday from 8:30 to 5:00.  We will be closed for Thanksgiving November 26th through December 1st, and for Christmas Holiday December 20th through January 6th, 2016.  The shop will be closed during the months of January and February.  The office will be open and we will check for messages.


MARINE FUEL – ROAD TAXBeginning August 28th boaters that purchase gas at a marina will no longer pay the 17 cents per gallon road tax.  Road gas stations will still be required to collect the 17cents per gallon road tax.  G & G customers will still be able to participate in our gas charge program however we will no longer be providing you with an original compiled receipt of gas purchases.


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Thank you from the G & G Staff for a great summer.