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21st February 2014
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5th March 2014
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TowBoat U.S. Lake of the Ozarks

Tow Boat US is the marine towing division of Boat US. Lake of the Ozarks has a Tow Boat US located on our lake. The basic annual Boat US membership includes $50 on-water towing and $50 on-road towing, which you can upgrade. On he Lake of the Ozarks often times a passing boater will tow you if you have a problem; however in the spring and fall there is very few boaters on the lake to assist other boaters. Tow Boat US Lake of the Ozarks has a Tow Boat US blog website, which has some wonderful documentation of some of the problems encountered at Lake of the Ozarks this difficult winter. A lot of the rescues of sinking boats were due to poor winterization of the boat, please bear this in mind when you look to winterize next year. Your boat is a large investment; have a professional marine technician take care of your boat so you can have a worry free winter and be ready to go boating in the spring.

Boat US, Boater Owner’s Association of the United States, is an organization that looks after the interests of boater’s nationwide. They offer many services to member boaters through their organization and cooperating marinas. G & G Marina is a Boat US cooperating marina and we offer Boat US members 10% discount per gallon of gas purchased at our gas dock and %5 on shop parts and shop labor on a work order. Check out Boat US website for a full listing of the cooperating marinas with the discounts they offer and the many other services offered by Boat US to their members. You can purchase the annual membership through our website, by emailing or calling us or directly through BoatUS website.