3rd May 2013

The Good Captain and Boat Wakes

Boat wakes are those long, frothy, V-shaped waves trailing from the stern of a powerboat as it slices through the water. When other vessels encounter them, […]
23rd April 2013

Safe Docking and Undocking

It’s inevitable that when conditions are at their worst, you’ll have an audience. Prior planning and practice will not only keep you and your passengers safe […]
16th April 2013

Ethanol Fuel Issues

Dear Customer G & G Marina has recently received several inquires about the state mandate to add 10% Ethanol alcohol to gasoline sold in Missouri. Ethanol […]
5th April 2013

Dock Permits

It happens almost weekly. Lakefront landowners find out from AmerenUE that their dock does not match the specs of its permit. Most of the time it’s […]
1st April 2013

Sober Captains

In an effort to promote water safety on the Lake of the Ozarks, the Water Safety Council will continue their campaign to encourage boaters to designate […]
16th March 2013

Electricity and the Boater

There are two potential failures in a boat’s electrical system that can put people on or around the boat at risk of lethal electric shock. In […]
12th March 2013

Springtime Checklist

It’s a sad fact: Every spring, shortly after being launched and commissioned for the season, boats sink while safely tied up at the dock, turning what […]
1st March 2013

Boating While Intoxicated

Effective Aug. 28, 2008 the legal limit for boating while intoxicated dropped from the current .10 to .08 blood alcohol content, the same as on the […]
15th October 2012

Lake of the Ozarks Zebra Mussel Update

Predators and a missing link may be slowing the invasion of zebra mussels in Lake of the Ozarks. The Missouri Department of Conservation has been tracking […]
16th September 2012

Zebra Mussels: Missouri’s Most Unwanted

Zebra mussels and a related species, quagga mussels, are fingernail-sized black-and-white striped bivalve mollusks native to the Caspian Sea region of Asia. They came to North […]